A Activities

Autonomous driving activities in Poland

1 Framework

1.04 Public test routes and fields

In preparation:
City of Jaworzno

2 Implementation

2.01 Research and education

Sohjoa Baltic
Belongs to: Institut für Klimaschutz, Energie und Mobilität e.V. (IKEM)
  • Test operations: Autonomous bus demonstration in Gdańsk

2.02 Manufacturing

2.02.04 Technology providers

TomTom, Łódź
Belongs to: Tomtom
Major development location for highly accurate road maps that are suiteable for autonomous driving

2.10 Operations

2.10.03 Public bus services

Autonomous bus demonstration in Gdańsk
Belongs to: Sohjoa Baltic

B Rank

With these activities, Poland is on rank 11 in comparison of 14 countries
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